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There isn't a lot of information online regarding Tennessee bingo halls. I did find one website which said that it's illegal to play bingo in the state of Tennessee, but I also found listings for two bingo halls located in Nashville, TN. I've listed the contact information for each bingo parlour below. Their addresses and phone numbers are included.

Nashville, Tennessee Bingo


10 Music Circle E
Nashville, TN 37203-4338

Cumberland Jackpot Bingo

1417 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37211


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1. Tennessee bingo seems to be centered in one place: Nashville. No matter which source we've used, almost every bingo hall in the state has been located in that city.

2. Tennessee bingo isn't as big a subject as something like Texas bingo. States like Texas and Oklahoma have dozens, maybe even hundreds, of bingo halls. Tennessee only has a handful of places to play.

3. Tennessee bingo is such an obscure subject that a Google search for the phrase brings back an article about an elementary school in its results. Kids love to play bingo everywhere in the country, and Tennessee is no exception.

4. Tennessee bingo used to be extremely commonplace. According to an article in the New York Times, the state used to be home to 300 different bingo halls. That's from an article in 1990 though, and even in that article the person pointing that out was talking in the past tense.

5. Tennessee bingo is probably illegal. We're not lawyers, and we don't give legal advice, but we've seen some commentary on the Internet that at least some forms of gambling in Tennessee are not allowed.

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